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Modern solution of virtualization of IT infrastructure

The mCloud service has been prepared to meet individual needs of our Clients. It is a virtualized server platform which allows to transfer and host a new or the currently used server infrastructure to a virtual environment built upon the Private Cloud technology.

mCloud significantly reduces the necessity to maintain own hardware pool and decreases the need of a continued investment in own IT infrastructure. It stores the Client's data (applications, information, etc.) on serves located in a professional Data Center in Lublin at Zana St.

This services is directed to entities that appreciate benefits coming from a uniform, flexible, money-saving and stable infrastructure. The solution is adapted to the current needs related to safe storage of data on a professional and high-performance server platform, which generates expected business results.



  • The service is thoroughly managed and administered by top-class certified IT specialists.
  • It includes comprehensive counselling regarding IT, design and configuration aspects throughout all phases: transfer, deployment and operation.
  • It includes a guarantee of high-speed and reliable links' availability of up to 99.97% and data safety
  • It is characterized by a high level of personalization, reflected in an individual agreement with each Client
  • The service is directed to all companies and budget entities in Poland and outside


Technology in service of mCloud

mCloud is not only a professionally virtualized environment but also a professional Data Center that meets all data safety requirements listed by ISO 27001 standard. This standard
guarantees the highest quality and safety of a collocation site (certificate of conformity dated 10 December 2012, in compliance with International Standards for the Professional
Practice of Internal Auditing and international standards of IT auditing, recommended by the Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA), issued by PROMATE Sp. z

The collocation site of the entire physical infrastructure is the Data Center located on Zana St. in Lublin, Poland, equipped with the highest-class matrix servers and disk arrays.

Characteristic features of the collocation site that guarantee high availability of Data Center services:


  • Proper security of resources
  • Reliable air-conditioning of the collocation room
  • System of sensors to monitor air-con parameters
  • Automation system for air-con control
  • Dual redundant system of independent cooling systems
  • Emergency air-con power supply system


  • Fire protection
  • Multipoint fire detection and signalling system
  • Automatic fire extinguishing system utilizing the inert gas fire suppression technology
  • Monitoring system connected to the building's security system


  • Physical security
  • Defined safety zones
  • Electronic access control
  • Burglary & robbery signalling systems
  • CCTV system
  • Fulltime server room monitoring
  • All-day physical security


  • Guaranteed data center power supply system
  • Dual power lines for receiving devices
  • Dual power lines for the data center building
  • Redundant Uninterruptible Power Supply system
  • Protection against a prolonged period of power failure - a high-output power generator
  • Fulltime supervision and monitoring of the power quality


  • Guaranteed access links
  • Independent internet links to the leading Polish operators
  • Direct access to the Internet Exchange Points
  • Link redundancy and independency of transmission from a single provider
  • Internet transfer without data transfer limits


  • All-day technical support
  • Immediate response to malfunctions of the Data Center's systems
  • monitoring of the virtual machines' operation, resources and safety backups
  • updating of operating systems and office applications
  • analysis of logs



High level of parameterization

By determining the requirements for computing power and hardware resources, you can flexibly scale performance to fit specific needs. Parameters can be multiplied or reduced at any time.

Cost saving

You pay only for resources used. You do not need to own and maintain your own hardware pool and unused software licences.

Optimum licensing costs

You only use as many licenses at a time that you really need. At any time you can increase or reduce their number, choosing only those from a wide range of Microsoft applications that you do need. Licenses are settled on monthly bases and you are always entitled to the newest software version.

Access from any location

You can log in to your company/organization's resources from any place in the world and from any device with an RDP client. This significantly enhances your decision-making capabilities.

Fulltime availability of resources

Quality and standard of performance, guaranteed by the service's high availability, allows you to connect to your resources at any time of day or night. You are granted a 24/7 technical support for your resources. Additionally,  administrators of IT systems share with you their knowledge and experience, so you can take full advantage of the mCloud service.

Reliability of infrastructure

We decrease the risk of errors related to configuration. The virtualized server platform is very well prepared for unexpected loads. And the risk of errors is drastically reduced due to configuration variants with an increased level of immunity.

No-issues IT infrastructure

An advanced cluster built upon the Microsoft Hyper-V software ensures stable and uninterruptible operation of the entire environment and your services.

Data security

Built-in monitoring and supervision mechanisms protect against malfunctions. The secure IT environment includes, among others, protection against data loss or damage during transfer and storage and ensures proper authentication of system users. It also allows to set up a secure encrypted VPN link to the infrastructure in the client-server architecture, and also to set up a secure encrypted VPN connection between mCloud and the Client's LAN-to-LAN infrastructure.

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