Outsourcing IT i wsparcie techniczne

Sign a contract for full-time technical support covering your hardware and computer networks


Comprehensive services and guaranteed technical support for your entire IT infrastructure - we make the IT department fit the Client's requirements.

Technical support / Service


We provide expert technical counselling for companies and administration bodies. We offer a broad range of services regarding computer devices, cabling, networks, etc. - from diagnosing a defect, through repairing it up to modernizing and expanding central units. We install, configure and thoroughly optimize operating systems. We eliminate various issues with all types of applications. We retrieve data from damaged media.


We are an Accredited Platform Specialist (APS) of Hewlett-Packard

we provide post-warranty service fir all types of HP devices.


    • repairs
    • maintenance
    • expansion and rebuilding
    • network and hardware configuration
    • projects and consultations regarding hardware and software
    • software updating
    • ensuring data safety
    • developing a backup making ideology on the Client's hardware
    • quick service response in case of any malfunction
    • training regarding making backups
    • fiscalization of devices
    • inspection
    • we ready devices for operation and train personnel on how to operate them
    • we advise on upcoming periodical inspection obligations
    • we are an independent external auditor. Our audit will make sure that the hardware and software is used effectively
    • our auditing procedures are in full compliance with guidelines of BSA (BUSINESS SOFTWARE ALLIANCE)
    • we possess numerous certificates (Microsoft licensing for small and medium companies, Software audit and survey in the SoftwareCheck system, Software Assets Management License) which confirm our high qualifications and experience in managing and surveying IT resources
    • we work with leading associations, including among others PRO (Polski Rynek Oprogramowania)
    • we offer a full range of technical and training services
    • we make inventory and analyse compliance with owned software and planned purchases
    • we advise on how to manage the existing database in the most beneficial way
    • we provide written reports from the IT audit
    • in case of any irregularities concerning licenses within the company, we indicate methods of elimination those irregularities
    • we offer our advise and help on the product licensing mechanisms and forms of purchasing software.
    • auditing software, you can find more information on http://www.uplook.pl
    • Installation of firewall software is preceded with a preliminary analysis of the organization's needs. Building a policy regarding protection of the internal network is comprised of the following stages:
      1. Determination of local users' requirements regarding the use of the Internet
      2. Verification of local users' requirements
      3. Determination of the scope private network services available to users of the Internet
      4.Verification of available private network services
      5. Approval of the adopted concept
      6. Conducting user training (if necessary)

We will assist in organizing an investment in Poland, complete with building IT infrastructure and providing full outsourcing of the IT department

Outsourcing IT

wsparcie-techniczneOvertake your competition and entrust our experts with decision-making concerning your
IT infrastructure. We will increase safety of your organization - you will manage your
business better and reduce fixed expenses.

We respond quickly to reported problems concerning computer networks, hardware and
software. We perform periodic inspections, control and thorough maintenance. We make data backups periodically, provide anti-virus prevention, prepare reports on hardware's technical condition. We ensure full care over the safety of your data. We implement software updates.

Contact us today to talk about a future development of your IT system.

If you have your own IT department but are in dire need of support or if you don't have your own IT technicians, then our offer is perfect for you.

    • configuration and administration of servers
    • administration of network devices
    • administration of wide area network
    • elimination of issues related to software, operating systems, networks, hardware; data safety
    • anti-virus systems and backup systems
    • Helpdesk - IT, technical, internet counselling related to the Client's
    • infrastructure
    • hardware maintenance and expansion
    • operating system's configuration and optimization
    • detailed technical assistance in case of malfunction of communication servers or information & communication links
    • performing constant checks of all devices that support SNMP protocol, using special monitoring software (implementation and installation on the Client's hardware)
    • analysis of alarms from the monitoring system, classification of malfunctions and making decisions regarding the method of solving a problem
    • supervision over the information & communication network's protections, involving constant monitoring of the status and up-to-datedness of network protections
    • analysis of current server software packages and communication server upgrades, as well as network devices' software
    • analysis of legitimacy of applying updates, patches and fixes for system servers
    • cyclic analysis of information & communication network's logs and providing the Client with information about non-standard log entries


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Hardware and Software


Scope of offered services:

  • comprehensive IT outsourcing services, replacement and/or supplementation of the client's IT department with our employees
  • administration and management of the server infrastructure
  • comprehensive administration of the IT infrastructure
  • technical counselling pertaining to the client's infrastructure
  • installation, configuration and administration of server systems and networks
  • protections for computer networks
  • sale, delivery and installation of computer hardware, software and consumables
  • installation, configuration & optimization of operating systems
  • internet counselling in the area of internet applications used and their safety
  • IT services for MIKROBIT's in-house developed IT solutions: direct, by telephone &
  • remote consultations, implementations, training, technical and substantive supervision over the system's operations
  • service of computer hardware
  • service of fiscal cash registers
  • malfunction diagnosis for hardware and computer networks
  • diagnosis and elimination of problems with software and operating systems
  • maintenance of computer hardware
  • modernisation and expansion of computers & servers
  • relocation of servers and active devices
  • IT audit and software legality audit