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Safety of Client information is vital, therefore while sharing disk space on MIKROBIT servers we ensure constant supervision of Administrators. We offer virtual servers depending on disk size and other parametershosting

How do we support our clients?



  • we host web servers
    • Hosting a web server under its own address (domain/domains/sub-domains)
    • MySQL, PostgreSQL database
    • PHP 7.2.1 support
    • Protections
    • Individually set disk space
    • Detailed visitor statistics
    • Administration panel
    • Technical support
    • Data backups
    • Stable and powerful server cluster
  • we host advanced e-mail service
    • Anti-virus protection
    • Anti-spam protection
    • Secure connection with server via SSL
    • Administration panel
    • E-mail address in own domain
    • Own domain/domains
    • Any number of aliases (additional e-mail addresses)
    • Access to mail via SMTP, POP3, IMAP4
    • SMTP authorization
    • access to an e-mail account via a web browser: mMAIL
    • Redirection of mail to other e-mail addresses
    • Freely set account size
    • Technical support
    • Data backups
    • Stable and powerful server cluster
  • we host FTP servers
    • hosting an FTP server under its own address (domain/domains)
    • Own FTP accounts
    • Individually specified account sizes Technical support
    • Data backups
    • Stable and powerful server cluster
  • we have our own CA infrastructure
    • In order to ensure correct and, first of all, secure communication between your browser and our server, you should download the following certificate and install it to your computer. Naturally, this only applies to communication with encrypted sites or a secure mail server, i.e. when using SSL protocol..

      certfileCertyfikat główny - CAmbnet.crt (1.8 KB)

      This is a primary "mBnet Class 1 Primary CA" certificate that guarantees authenticity of browsed websites and secure retrieval of mail. Format - *.crt, valid from 2011-12-07 to 2021-12-04

We manage registration and maintenance of internet domains

We ensure competitive prices. With us, you can deal with everything in one place and you don't have to remember about expiring settlement periods.

  • We register domains in the following ranges:
    • Own domains -
    • Domestic domains - .pl
    • Functional domains -,,, …
    • Regional domains -, ...
    • Regional domains -,,,,, ...
    • International domains - .com, .net, .biz …
    • Creation of sub domains

For an annual subscription fee for hosting a website on Mikrobit's servers, our clients receive as follows:

  • FTP accounts
  • e-mail accountsl
  • hosting and/or transfer of own domain
  • telephone consultations with Administrators
  • technical supports in case of any errors during the period of operation
  • data backups
  • ability to browse statistics via the Webalizer systems

  • Additionally, you can purchase:
    • website backup to your external media
    • electronic mail backup in *.pst format to your external media
    • additional disk space
    • registration in primary search engines




Panel mPanel panel will allow you to efficiently manage your account on your own. It will allow you to administer your server via a web browser, and it will facilitate such actions like: creating databases, copying databases or domain parking.

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